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Alarm Systems

Intruder alarm systems play a crucial role in safeguarding homes and businesses. These systems are designed to detect unauthorized entry and alert occupants or security personnel. Let’s delve into the key aspects of intruder alarms in the UK:

  1. Grading System:

    • Intruder alarm systems available in the UK adhere to a categorised grading system ranging from 1 to 4. These grades reflect the level of sophistication and resilience against break-ins.
    • Grade 1: Basic DIY systems suitable for low-risk premises, such as small residential properties.
    • Grade 2: Commonly used for homes and small businesses. They offer enhanced features like door/window sensors and motion detectors.
    • Grade 3: Ideal for medium-risk environments, such as larger homes or commercial spaces. These systems include dual-path communication and tamper-resistant components.
    • Grade 4: Reserved for high-risk sites, such as banks or critical infrastructure. They feature advanced encryption, backup power, and stringent security measures.
  2. British Standards:

    • The BS EN 50131 series comprises European standards that cover various aspects of intruder alarm systems. These standards were adopted by the British Standards Institution (BSI) through their PD6662 scheme.
    • The goal is to elevate intruder alarm standards across the UK, ensuring reliable protection for both residential and commercial properties.

Remember, choosing the right intruder alarm system involves assessing your specific security needs, property size, and risk level. Whether it’s a smart home solution or a bespoke package, investing in a reliable Professionally installed alarm system enhances peace of mind and deters potential intruders